RJFC says farewell to Mons.

After spending more than five years in Mons, Belgium, and discovering my love for collage and street art there, I’ve moved back to my native Florida. But before leaving, I took some time to post a few pieces of artwork in my beloved temporary home. First up is a collaged Polaroid picture from my Picturecrossing … Continue reading RJFC says farewell to Mons.


!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS! USING TRASH OFF THE STREETS TO MAKE ART ON THE STREETS. ——————————————————————————–                      —————————————————————————————————————————————————- I use only trash and found items to collage these handmade, signed & numbered stickers. They are made to compliment my larger works which in which I use trashy paperback book covers, record & magazine covers, posters, postcards … Continue reading stickers

street art

Click any thumbnail to view the piece & see where it was left. ——————————                 

city hit list

These are (some of) the cities I have left my collage works in. USA – Florida: (15) Eau Gallie (1) Jacksonville (2) Hudson Beach (1) Miami (1) Miami Beach (2) New Port Richey (1) Palm Harbor (1) Tampa (2) Satellite Beach (1) St. Petersburg (3) – Colorado: (8) Denver (8) – Georgia: (6) Atlanta (5) Decatur (1) – … Continue reading city hit list