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My 54TH collage: Relationship LIV – “EXPOSE The One CHEESE FLAVORED Legend” was made using a 45 record cover by “Exposé” called “Point of no return.” I completed it on November 2, 2012 while on day trip to Antwerp to review the Wegee photography retrospective at the FotoMuseum Antwerp. (you can see a Polaroid negative […]

City Hit List

Posted: April 20, 2012 in

These are (some of) the cities I have left my collage works in. USA – Florida: (15) Eau Gallie (1) Jacksonville (2) Hudson Beach (1) Miami (1) Miami Beach (2) New Port Richey (1) Palm Harbor (1) Tampa (2) Satellite Beach (1) St. Petersburg (3) – Colorado: (8) Denver (8) – Georgia: (6) Atlanta (5) Decatur (1) – New […]

Relationship IX – “Parade des Maladies”, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr. Via Flickr: Relationship IX “Parade des Maladies” (Parade of Sicknesses) Left in Antwerp, Belgium on 8/28/10 at the intersection of Reyndersstraat and Leeuweinstraat. see where I left it in Antwerp: and see the original album cover: Parade des Succes No. 34