RJFC Hits Madrid for the first time.

I’d visited Madrid once before back in 2004, but that was before I’d started doing any kind of street art. I have to say I wasn’t overly excited about going again, other than seeing our best friends from England who were meeting us there, but I must admit that it turned out to be an extremely … Continue reading RJFC Hits Madrid for the first time.

Ray Johnson Fan Club in Florida 12/2013

Ray Johnson Fan Club hits Florida over Christmas 2013… This visit to the states wasn’t very productive artwise, but I did get to spend some quality time with family. Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXXII “Smoky Moutarde” was completed 12/2013 using trash found on the streets. I made it on a CDR that was messed … Continue reading Ray Johnson Fan Club in Florida 12/2013


!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS!STICKERS! USING TRASH OFF THE STREETS TO MAKE ART ON THE STREETS. ——————————————————————————–                      —————————————————————————————————————————————————- I use only trash and found items to collage these handmade, signed & numbered stickers. They are made to compliment my larger works which in which I use trashy paperback book covers, record & magazine covers, posters, postcards … Continue reading stickers

street art

Click any thumbnail to view the piece & see where it was left. ——————————                 

city hit list

These are (some of) the cities I have left my collage works in. USA – Florida: (15) Eau Gallie (1) Jacksonville (2) Hudson Beach (1) Miami (1) Miami Beach (2) New Port Richey (1) Palm Harbor (1) Tampa (2) Satellite Beach (1) St. Petersburg (3) – Colorado: (8) Denver (8) – Georgia: (6) Atlanta (5) Decatur (1) – … Continue reading city hit list