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My 50th collage: Relationship L – “This Life is not a Gentile Sandwich”” was made using the paperback book cover from “Gentle Rogue” by Johanna Lindsey I made it on September 5, 2012 while on a short trip to Köln in Deutschland.

see the original paperback book cover:
Gentle Rogue - Johanna Lindsey (Collage #50)


My 45th collage: Relationship XLV – “Hurricane Isaac Hits Meine Fraulein” was made using an album cover from the record “Exitos del Verano.” I completed it on September 3, 2012 while on a short trip to Köln in Deutschland. I sat in Café Woyton on In der Höhle for about 5 hours while working on it – a great little coffee shop where everything on the menu is magnificent. (well everything I tried anyway.)

I left this collage on a small, public bench between the Heinzelmännchenbrunnen Fountain and the Starbucks on Am Hof. – It was still there more than 24 hours later when I made a short film of a tour group sitting there ignoring my artwork. (see below)

watch a short video of people ignoring my artwork:

see where it was left in Köln:
Relationship XLV (left in Köln)

see the original record cover:
Exitos del Verano (Relationship XLV)

Ray Johnson Fan Club – L.A.R. – Postcard Series 1 (first 4 examples)
An edition of 8 similar, yet different postcards.
All based on a Naf Naf Paris postcard from the free postcard rack at my local McDonalds.
Though it is a "series," each of the 8 examples is a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork made by hand, stamped, numbered and signed.