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Relationship XCII ~ I feel like our revolution was Photoshopped FOR THE EYE - (left in St. Pete, FL) Relationship XCII ~ I feel like our revolution was Photoshopped FOR THE EYE - (left in St. Pete, FL) Relationship XCI ~ Naked Officer Attempts to Steal Tender Definition of Victory - (NA) Relationship XC ~ THIS MODERN WORLD CAN make you misty - (left in Atlanta) Relationship LXXXIX ~ YOUR DAILY DOSE OF LUCKIES TASTE BETTER WITH FULL mercury emissions - (left in Eau Gallie, FL)
Relationship LXXXVIII ~ PHONE TAPPED? - (left in Miami Beach) Relationship LXXXVII ~ SHAKE WELL ©1976 - (left in Washington/Dulles) Relationship LXXXVI ~ Disposable Silencers - (left in Mons, Belgium)Relationship LXXXV ~ Ebola victims ARE LOOKING FOR TALENTED SOLDIERS WHO WANT TO find out the secrets of this most delicate of culinary arts - (left in Bristol, UK) Relationship LXXXIV ~ ITEMS INTENTIONALLY LEFT NO DETAIL IS AN ACCIDENT. - (left in Homburg) Relationship LXXVIII ~ “Relationship LXXXIII ~ Candy Canes - (left in Brussels) Relationship LXXVIII ~ “Relationship LXXXII ~ Flexible COMFORT Cola zero - (available) Relationship LXXVIII ~ “Relationship LXXXI ~ Unmanned helicopters help third gender to make Whiskey. - left in Paris
Relationship LXXVIII ~ “Relationship LXXX ~ 215 MILLION DOTS IN THE SNOW - sold Relationship LXXVIII ~ “Relationship LXXIX ~ Why not try VELVET Lithium Radio with your TEENY HOUDINI - left in Brussels Relationship LXXVIII ~ “Fold Along Perforation and PAY NO ATTENTION TO RAY JOHNSON FAN CLUB .COM - left in Zurich Relationship LXXVII ~ Floppy disks from Andy Warhol abused by interim bishop - left in Amsterdam Relationship LXXVI ~ FOR YOUR Health SEE DOUBLE WITH ELECTIONS GALORE left in Paris Relationship LXXV ~ Putin offers new information about the birth of the universe - left in Venice Relationship LXXIV ~ MADRID continues to lead with ZARATHUSTRA ON THE WILD SIDE OF MY LIFE - left in Madrid Relationship LXXIII ~ "oversize Thigh Spicy"RJFC Relationship LXXII ~ Relationship LXXI ~ Relationship LXX ~ Relationship LXIX ~ Relationship LXVIII ~  Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXVII ~ Terrible Experience Relationship LXVI ~ A new fashion of temptation without taboo in Swiss made BROADWAY Relationship LXV - Mail Art Postcard Relationship LXIV - The Three Commandments: Love, Love, Love Relationship LXIII - Relationship LXII Relationship LXI Relationship LX Relationship LIX Relationship LVIII Relationship LVII - Relationship LVI - I get Agonising Vibrations from the Good Old Days” Relationship LV - Supersize my Summer McChicken Mystery Tour” Relationship LIII “Why not Face it? TERROR glamorises reports:” Relationship LII “Tasty Transparency is the Newest Partystyle” Collage Relationship LI – “Gentlemen Still Prefer to Rock It This Way” Relationship L “This Life is Not a Gentle Sandwich” Postcard Series #1 (2nd set) Relationship XLV – “Hurricane Isaac Hits Meine Fraulein” Relationship XLIV – “Save your Kisses for the Saturdays of Summer” 1st 4 examples from Postcard Series 1 Relationship XXXIX “Enjoy il Silenzio” Relationship XXXVIII “Sexy Mons” Relationship XXXVII “CHARLIE don’t SHOCK” Relationship XXXVI – “The old American boogiemen just don’t do it for me anymore” Relationship XXXV – “20 Easter-Secret Hits on Sunday” Relationship XXXIV – “Le Trampoline a ses Raisons” Relationship XXXIII – “Alerte aux jouets” Relationship XXXII – “The City Re-Embraces the United Colors of Cha Cha” Relationship XXXI “Salute to the Revolution” Relationship XXX – “Spring’s Hottest Celebrity Anarchists” Relationship XXIX – “Don’t You Shush Me” Relationship XXVIII “The Perils of a Burnished Ego” Relationship XXVII “Life is a Lethal Contest” Relationship XXVI – “Keeping Company with a Couch Potato” Relationship XXV – “Now that you’re all Patriotic and Stuff” Relationship XXIV – “Death Has Three Moms” Relationship XXIII – “Every Love is the Woman from Ponyclub” Relationship XXI - “Can You Guess What is Real?” Relationship XX – “you can be anyone They want” Relationship XIX – “Big Treat from the Paradise Machine” Relationship XVIII – “Parisienne Brute” Relationship XVII / “Show no interest in America’s thirst for imported oil.” Relationship XVI - “Let’s All Indulge.” Relationship XV “Schön und Sexy” Relationship XIV - “Where are you going?” Relationship XIII - “Little Blind” Relationship XII – “Mary had a little secret.” Relationship XI – “I Love” Relationship X – “From Rome with Love Machine” Relationship IX – “Parade des Maladies” Relationship VIII - “I’m a lady terrorist.” Relationship VII - “Democracy Disco” Relationship VI – “Television, It is the law of the land” Relationship V - “Dream Stuff” Relationship IV - “Million Sellers” Relationship III - “Kung Fu dinosaure” Relationship II - Relationship I -


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