I’ve begun a mail art project in honor of the father of Mail Art himself: Ray Johnson

(Learn more about the real Ray at the Ray Johnson Estate.)


I previously worked anonymously under the name “Ray Johnson Fan Club” for seven years making street art collages and sending out mail art.

But in 2017, I officially changed my Nom d’Artiste to “FANCLUB 13” – still in reference & reverence for Ray.

Anyway, let’s start a new collage collab correspondance:


1 –¬† Send a mail art collage to a friend, colleague, fellow artist or random humanoid.

2 – Include the words “Ray Johnson Fan Club” somewhere in the work.

3 – Request that the person then add to the collage, whatever they wish to add, perhaps also including the words “Ray Johnson Fan Club” & perhaps forwarding it to yet another person to do the same, afterwhich:

4 – Forward the finished piece to me at:

Ray Johnson Fan Club
PO Box 8644
Clearwater, Florida 33758

Some of the pieces will soon be posted here on the website.

Each Year on April 5, I will publish a Ray Johnson Fan Club zine including the artworks I’ve received for the project the previous year (deadline January 13.)

Copies of each Ray Johnson Fan Club zine will be added to the official archive of the Ray Johnson Estate.

contact me for more details