FANCLUB 13 sticker # 96  – “merica is an organ.”
FANCLUB 13 - sticker # 96

Collaboration with Philly artist @faithsfunnn on one of her custom painted “sticker blanks.”

It was made on a (March 2016) Priority Label 228 with trash from the streets, on 4/28/17 while sitting at Starbucks on SR 60 at Belcher in Clearwater, Florida.

It was given to one of my favorite artists, Remi Rough in Dulwich, UK during a visit to his studio on 10/25/17. I gave it to him along with a pile of blank USPS label 228s and one of my first Zine publications (B 20/100). He was kind enough to sell me one of his prints while I was there.

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