Relationship XVI “Let’s All Indulge.”

Via Flickr:
Relationship XVI was completed and left on 12/31/10 on a vacant building behind a bus stop in Berlin, Germany along Veteranenstraße near the intersection of Brunnenstraße across from the Volkspark am Weinberg.

see where it was left:
Relationship XVI (left in Berlin)

see the original 45 record cover: Michael Zager Band “Let’s all Chant”
Michael Zager Band - Let's all chant / Love Express

Relationship XV “Schön und Sexy”

Via Flickr:
Relationship XV was completed and left on 12/30/10 in Berlin, Germany on an electrical box near the intersection of Von-der-Heydt Straße and Klingelhöferstraße outside the Bauhaus Archiv Museum.
see where it was left in Berlin:
Relationship XV

see the original album cover: Jean-Luc Ferré
Jean-Luc Ferré... (Relationship XV)