Relationship LXIII – “PLAY QUIET WITH ME for Takeaway”

Relationship LXIII

Relationship LXIII

“PLAY QUIET WITH ME for Takeaway”
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My 63rd collage: Relationship LXIII – “PLAY QUIET WITH ME for Takeaway” was completed on April 21, 2013 in Köln, Germany and posted up the same day on a utility box just outside the Kölner Dom cathedral.

Relationship LXIII left in Köln

This hand cut-and-paste collage took about 6 hours to complete. It was made using only trash found on the streets. Some of the notable items of trash include; electric-blue halo rays from a gum wrapper, a Cologne U Bahn map, yellow candy wrapper, green & maroon printed chopstick wrapper, television listings, part of a Chunky candy bar wrapper, hotel satisfaction survey form, Abe Lincoln under a DJ cutout, , part of a Flemish porn comic, a McDonald’s Monopoly gamepiece, magazine clipping of Lille, France, German Crossword, fake grass clipping, Charme cologne tag, etc, etc,…

It was made using the album cover from the record “Quiet Village” by Martin Denny.
Martin Denny - Quiet Village (Collage LXIII)


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Relationship XXXV – “20 Easter-Secret Hits on Sunday”

Via Flickr:
Completed and posted in Köln, Deutschland on 4/8/2012.

click here to see where it was left in Köln, Germany:
Relationship XXXV - left in Köln

click here to see the original record cover:
20 Deutsche Schlager (collage XXXV)