Relationship CXVIII – (MOLDOVA Double Stuff)

Relationship CXVIII – (MOLDOVA Double Stuff)

A DVD collaged with found trash and stenciled with deStijl lines in red & yellow. Started while sitting at Starbucks Park Place in Pinellas Park, Florida on 1/23/16 & completed (the spray paint at home) on 4/19/2016.

Sent (along with CXII) to
Brooklyn for exhibition:
“Works of Art” at Bushwick Spray Paint Shop on 4/30/16
1009 Broadway, Bell 203, Brooklyn, NY
Then left on the streets of Brooklyn after the show.

RJFC sticker #37 Up in New York!

RJFC Sticker #37 was completed on 7/12/2013 using trash found on the streets. 

RJFC sticker #37

It was made while sitting at “Le temps d’un café” in Mons, Belgium and later mailed off to a fan in New York.

UPDATE: This sticker #37, was sent to a fan in New York who posted it up 8/8/13 on the streets of SoHo NYC at the intersection of Crosby and Jersey Streets.

RJFC sticker #37 Left in New York!

The first time RJFC hits New York!