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Relationship CXII – (POLEMIQUES sans grandes expos)



A 12 inch record collaged with found trash and stenciled with deStijl lines in red, yellow, gray & chartreuse. Completed on 4/19/2016.

Sent to
Brooklyn for exhibition:
“Works of Art” at Bushwick Spray Paint Shop on 4/30/16
1009 Broadway, Bell 203, Brooklyn, NY
Then left on the streets of Brooklyn after the show.



  Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXVII ~ “Terrible Experience”  My 67th Collage Relationship was completed 6/21/2013 while sitting at “Le temps d’un café” in Mons, Belgium.

Relationship LXVII ~ Terrible Experience

It was sent later that week to a fan in New York along with some stickers.

I really like the way my collaged CD stickers have been turning out and I wanted to make something similar as a more permanent piece. So instead of just doing a sticker, I did a proper collage directly on a corrupt DVD (one of the many that my disc burner screws up.) There is not any data on the DVD, though perhaps I’ll try doing that in the future…
This is the first time I’ve tried it and I’m happy with the results so maybe I’ll try working on old records too.