RJFC sticker # 86 stuckup in Decatur

rjfc sticker # 86
this blue, “Hello My Name Is” sticker was made on 12/14/16 while sitting at The Bends, a bar at 919 !st Ave N. in St. Pete, Florida.

This is the last collage sticker when I used the Artist Name “Ray Johnson Fan Club.” On 1/13/17, I changed my name to FANCLUB 13.

rjfc sticker # 86 stuckup in Decatur

It was left outside Atlanta on 1/5/17 on a green dumpster in a small Labeauratoire Sticker Bomb, on Sunstede Drive behind Melton’s App & Tap at 2500 N. Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA.

RJFC sticker # 85 stuckup in ATL

rjfc sticker # 85

RJFC sticker # 85 was made on a small rectangular label, with trash from the streets, on 6/28/16 while sitting at Starbucks on Belcher Rd, at SR60 in Clearwater, FL.

rjfc sticker # 85 left in Atlanta
It was left 10/23/16 on a green dumpster in a small Labeauratoire Sticker Bomb, behind Little Five Points Pizza off Seminole Ave. NE, in Atlanta Georgia,

RJFC sticker # 63 in Tampa

RJFC sticker # 63 was completed on 12/2/15 while sitting at Starbucks in Safety Harbor. It’s collaged trash on a CD label measuring about 120mm across.

This sticker was stuck to the back of a bus stop bench on 1/9/16 just near the Cass Contemporary art gallery on South MacDill Ave & West Granada Street.

RJFC sticker # 63 left in Tampa

RJFC sticker # 62 in Orlando

Sticker # 62 was completed on December 1, 2015 while sitting at Starbucks at SR60 & Belcher in Clearwater. These rectangular stickers measure about 45mm x 118mm.

RJFC sticker # 62

This sticker was left on an electrical box behind a bus stop on in Orlando, Florida, while I was there on a day-trip on 1/19/16. This was on Round Lake Road near the intersection of International Drive in front of a Walgreens, beside the Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant where I’d met an old friend.

RJFC sticker # 62 left in Orlando.

RJFC Sticker # 54 left in Miami Beach


RJFC Sticker # 54 “CANDY COATED … CHOCOLATE FLAVORED brief blaze of glory” was completed in November of 2014 using found trash on a CD label. It was made while sitting at a Starbucks in Satellite Beach, Florida.
RJFC sticker # 54 - left in Miami Beach

It was left on 12/4/14, on a stair post outside the bar of the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami Beach.