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RJFC sticker # 64 was completed on 12/4/15 while sitting at a Wendy’s restaurant in Seffner, FL. It’s collaged trash on a CD label measuring about 120mm across.

RJFC sticker # 64


This sticker was stuck to a parking sign on 5/12/16 in St. Pete, Florida just outside the Morean Arts Center parking lot on 8th Street North.

RJFC sticker # 64 left in St. Pete.




RJFC Sticker # 58 was completed on 10/8/15 using found trash on a CD label. It was made while sitting with friends KickFace & Windingears in St. Petersburg, Florida .


It was left the same day, on a lamp post outside The Amsterdam bar on Central Avenue.




Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship XCII ~ “I feel like our revolution was Photoshopped FOR THE EYE” was completed 2/18/2015 using trash from the streets, on an old, used DVD. It was made while sitting at a Starbucks in Clearwater.

It was left on 4/18/15 on a green water fountain in Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg, Florida during the MainSail Art Festival. (see above)