Relationship CXXV – wins Kanyer Art Collection Purchase Award

Relationship CXXV – (We have to be better than those who can hear the difference.. EVEN AFTER EATING & DRINKING)


This piece was completed on 5/3/17 while sitting at the Starbucks on Main Street in Dunedin, Florida.

It was my first foray into more three-dimensional work.
It was displayed in the exhibition: Me + My Shadow [BOX] – at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center which opened on 5/19/17.

Relationship CXXV at DFAC

This was a “Chinese Auction” style exhibition, where attendees bought tickets to put in the little box next to the artworks they wanted. My wife went to the opening (I had to work) and she actually won back my piece and another piece.

See short video of details:

Then this piece was submitted as an entry for the Doug & Laurie Kanyer Art Collection Purchase Award at Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2019 and was accepted and purchased on 10/7/2019 for $199 to be added to of their collection where it now resides.