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Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship C ~ “Time to Kill PAINTING”

Ray Johnson Fan Club - Relationship C

The first in series of ten altered book pages, each similar yet different.

For the commemoration of my 100th “Relationship” collage, I made a series of 10 (+1 artist’s proof). These were completed in October 2015 using trash, found items, ink, and stenciled spray paint, all on pages from the book “Time to Kill”, a 1953 Popular Library paperback book by Terry Spain. All are mounted on USPS Priority recycled cardboard.

Each example has a different title beginning with “Time to kill…” and then paired with a clipped word or phrase.

Additionally, one phrase is highlighted in pink on each page, and paired with a clipping phrase. There is a horizontal rectangle in the lower half of each page which is a combination of found losing lottery tickets, and pages from a pocket Bible with the word of God printed in red. Each page also has a “spirograph” drawing in two colors, a small piece from paper money of Guyana,  a vertical stripe clipping of a sexy man from a magazine, and a torn box flap showing the printer’s color process control patches.

RJFC Relationships 100-109

RJFC Relationships 100-109

This piece (Relationship C) was left on 11/22/15 in Key West, Florida. I stuck it on a Key West Citizen Newspaper box beside the (closed) Backspace Bar & Kitchen at the intersection of James St. and Grinnell St.

RJFC Relationship C - Left in Key West

RJFC Relationship C – Left in Key West


RJFC Relationship CX – Artist’s Proof – Page 95 –  “Time to Kill New Significance” (given to Karen Rothstein in Atlanta)



Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXXXII ~ “Flexible COMFORT Cola zero”


This 82nd “Relationship” collage was completed 5/15/2014 in my home studio (Mons, Belgium). This is my first piece made experimenting with “wood block” printing of lines and shapes. For quite a while now I’ve been toying around with the idea of making several series of collages on the pages of old books or comic books. This one is from “page 207” of some random Flemish sexploitation/horror comic. The large green numbers are a continuation of my work with wooden printers blocks.

I really think this is part of the necessary transitional stage toward a good direction for my collage work. I need to find a better method for using the wood to print lines and shapes. The colored paints stick to the paper making it difficult to pull away. For my “blocks” I’m just really using random wooden things from around the house, like the side of a fruit crate for the black lines, a chopstick for the thin yellow lines, and the back of a number block for the 4 red rectangles.

This piece is currently available.