sticker # 96

FANCLUB 13 sticker # 96  – “merica is an organ.”
FANCLUB 13 - sticker # 96

Collaboration with Philly artist @faithsfunnn on one of her custom painted “sticker blanks.”

It was made on a (March 2016) Priority Label 228 with trash from the streets, on 4/28/17 while sitting at Starbucks on SR 60 at Belcher in Clearwater, Florida.

It was given to one of my favorite artists, Remi Rough in Dulwich, UK during a visit to his studio on 10/25/17. I gave it to him along with a pile of blank USPS label 228s and one of my first Zine publications (B 20/100). He was kind enough to sell me one of his prints while I was there.

sticker # 94

FANCLUB 13 sticker # 94 “Additional restrictions may apply.”

FANCLUB 13 sticker # 94

Collaboration with Philly artist @faithsfunnn on one of her custom painted “sticker blanks.”

It was made on a (March 2016) Priority Label 228 with trash from the streets, on 4/26/17 while sitting at Barnes & Noble Café at US 19 & Sunset Point in Clearwater, FL.

It was sent on 6/22/17 along with other stickers (# 93 & # 105), to Camden Noir in Savannah for publication in the 2nd Label 228 Project book, which is still looking for a publisher as far as I know.

RJFC sticker # 79 collab w/ Chaos & Bliss

RJFC sticker # 79 was a collaboration with Chaos & Bliss on a USPS Priority Mail “bluetop” label 228 from 2000. It was made on 4/26/16 while sitting at the Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown Atlanta.

It was stuck up the same day in a mini Labeauratoire Sticker Bomb along with GATS, NeverFart, Whups, Artissin, & c0rpse, on an electrical box along Carroll Street beside the Milltown Arms tavern. Also, already on the box were Hosea has a Posse, Maple, Skarz, & more.

RJFC sticker # 74 left in Sainte-Flavie Quebec Canada

RJFC sticker # 74 was completed by me on a Priority Mail Label 228 on 1/20/16 while sitting at Starbucks on 4th Street in St. Petersburg, FL.

It was sent to fellow collage & mail artist RF Côté in Quebec, Canada around 3/31/16 along with sticker # 67, & Relationships CXIV & CXV.
RF Côté added his part of the collaboration (seen above) around 4/17/16 including the Hannah Hoch Fan Club stamps.

my original collage before collaboration

He then put the sticker up about 4/19/16 on a Bicycle Route sign near the intersection of Boulevard Jacques – Cartier & Avenue de la Gare, in Sainte-Flavie, Quebec, Canada.

Relationships CXIV & CXV Collab w/ RF Côté

Relationships CXIV & CXV were completed on January 13, 2016 while sitting at Starbucks Park Place in Pinellas Park, Florida.

For this piece, I used an old used DVD+R (i think I found this one on the ground?) and I separated the top plastic layer from the bottom magnetic layer. This was to be a collaboration with RF Côté in Canada, so I sent him both halves to finish off and he sent one back to me. The center face part of this collage, was from a Pinellas County Sheriff’s office Wanted Flyer of a wanted criminal. The rest, I just tried to mirror in compositional elements.

This (below) shows the CXV half with RF Côté’s collaboration which I received back from him in April of 2016.

I left it in a little, transparent informational flyer box, just outside the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida SouthWestern State College in Fort Myers, Florida on 5/9/16.

I don’t think I ever saw how the other half came out.