relationship CXX ~ Edison’s new fashioned individual QUICKSILVER Embrace

My 120th “relationship” collage was made for the exhibition Keep St. Pete Weird, at Davidson Fine Art in the Central Edge district of St. Petersburg, Florida.

relationship CXX ~ Edison’s new fashioned individual QUICKSILVER Embrace

The main section was completed 8/31/16, arranging found trash on a paperback romance novel.
Captive Embrace
Captive Embrace by Sylvie F. Sommerfield.

I made it while sitting at the Starbucks on Belcher at SR60 in Clearwater, FL.

The “frame” was completed 9/6/16, by gluing pages from the book to the lid of a shoebox, highlighting random passages, and then spraying them with clearcoat. The cover is affixed to the inside of the frame using magnets.
detail 2

Keep St. Pete Weird
The exhibition: Keep St. Pete Weird, opened on 9/10/2016 at Davidson Fine Art in the Central Edge district of St. Petersburg, Florida.

urban price tag $7.95 left in Lakeland

 urban price tag $7.95 was made with trash from the streets, on 6/24/16 while sitting at Kahwa Coffee at 204 2nd Ave S, in St. Petersburg, FL.

I left it on 7/18/16 on a metal bench between the Danforth & Pfeiffer Chapels on the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus at Florida Southern College in Lakeland.

RJFC sticker # 81 stuck in Orlando

RJFC sticker # 81 “Office use only” was also made on 5/11/16 with trash from the streets. It was made on a small rectangle label while sitting at Starbucks on SR 60 at Belcher Rd in Clearwater, Florida.

I stuck it up 7/18/16, on a lightpost electrical box in the parking lot of a Starbucks in Orlando, Florida on S. Orange Blossom Trail at W. Lancaster Rd.

Relationships CXIV & CXV Collab w/ RF Côté

Relationships CXIV & CXV were completed on January 13, 2016 while sitting at Starbucks Park Place in Pinellas Park, Florida.

For this piece, I used an old used DVD+R (i think I found this one on the ground?) and I separated the top plastic layer from the bottom magnetic layer. This was to be a collaboration with RF Côté in Canada, so I sent him both halves to finish off and he sent one back to me. The center face part of this collage, was from a Pinellas County Sheriff’s office Wanted Flyer of a wanted criminal. The rest, I just tried to mirror in compositional elements.

This (below) shows the CXV half with RF Côté’s collaboration which I received back from him in April of 2016.

I left it in a little, transparent informational flyer box, just outside the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida SouthWestern State College in Fort Myers, Florida on 5/9/16.

I don’t think I ever saw how the other half came out.

RJFC sticker # 73

RJFC sticker # 73 was completed using a large, 1999 vintage, blue-top, Priority Mail label 228, on December 29, 2015 while sitting at (what used to be Joffrey’s Coffee shop at the corner of 15th Street & E. 8th Avenue in Ybor City (Tampa), Florida.

This sticker was donated for auction to help artists Ryan Plunkett and Erin Brooks who had a terrible house fire.

“Add On at $80 Labeauratoire Gallery Sticker Pack including 1 – Original handmade collage bluetop sticker by Ray Johnson Fan Club – Collage by L.A.R. PLUS 8 other stickers by GATS, Sara Conti, Sore Infest, BPLA, DintWooerKrsna, CistOnes and Obey Giant.” – We helped raise hundreds of dollars with this auction.