RJFC sticker # 62 in Orlando

Sticker # 62 was completed on December 1, 2015 while sitting at Starbucks at SR60 & Belcher in Clearwater. These rectangular stickers measure about 45mm x 118mm.

RJFC sticker # 62

This sticker was left on an electrical box behind a bus stop on in Orlando, Florida, while I was there on a day-trip on 1/19/16. This was on Round Lake Road near the intersection of International Drive in front of a Walgreens, beside the Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant where I’d met an old friend.

RJFC sticker # 62 left in Orlando.

RJFC sticker # 55 left in Miami


RJFC Sticker # 54 was completed in November of 2014 using found trash on a rectangular label. It was made while sitting at a Starbucks in Satellite Beach, Florida.

It was left on 12/5/14 on a railroad signal post near the entrance to the Context Art Fair at Northeast 29th Street. (above)


RJFC Stickers #1-3

My first three stickers!

sticker #1 (to be sent out soon)
sticker #1 (Sent to Lanny R. – a fan in Jacksonville, FL)

I’ve decided to apply my trashy collage to some CD labels to use as stickers. I’ve never seen it done before, but it seemed so obvious to use the stack of ready-made labels in that shape that is instantly recognizable as a CD/DVD. Each one is hand-cut and pasted using only trash and found materials. Each is also hand signed and stamped. “PAY NO ATTENTION TO Ray Johnson Fan Club .com”
I had initially made these first three to post out on the streets of Barcelona, but I actually misplaced them while packing and accidentally left them behind. So now these will be the first stickers sent out to some of my Facebook Fans.

Later I plan to actually collage on some CDs themselves and have some original art on them digitally so stay tuned!

sticker #2 (to be sent out soon)
sticker #2 (to be sent out soon)
sticker #3 (to be sent out soon)
sticker #3 (Sent to a fan in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida.)