sticker # 93 “PRIORITY zero”

FANCLUB 13 sticker # 93 “PRIORITY zero”
was made on a (Jan 1999) Bluetop Label 228 with trash from the streets, on 4/21/17 while sitting at Black Crow Coffee in Old Northeast St. Pete, FL.

It was sent on 6/22/17 along with several other stickers, to Camden Noir in Savannah for publication in the 2nd Label 228 Project book, which is still looking for a publisher as far as I know.

sticker # 92

FANCLUB 13 sticker # 92

this small rectangular sticker was made using trash from the streets on 4/7/17 while sitting at Starbucks on SR 60 at Belcher in Clearwater, Florida.

It was given to my friend & fellow artist @dizzism (Kurt-Dale Watson) while we were both at Black Crow Coffee Shop in Old Northeast St. Pete on 5/20/17.

sticker # 89 stuckup in Jacksonville

fanclub 13 sticker # 89

this street sticker was made with trash from the streets on a “GOD HATES” sticker (similar to a Hello My Name Is Sticker) I got in a cool pack of blanks from Con Artist Collective.

It was completed on 3/15/17 while sitting at the Starbucks on Belcher at SR60 in Clearwater, FL.

I stuck it up in a small Labeauratoire Sticker Bomb on an electrical box at the intersection of Post Street & Park Street in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/22/17.