After 7 years, Ray Johnson Fan Club becomes FANCLUB 13

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After 7 years, “Ray Johnson Fan Club” becomes “FANCLUB 13”

I worked anonymously under the artist name “Ray Johnson Fan Club” for seven years making street art collages and sending out mail art. But in 2017, I officially changed my Nom d’Artiste to “FANCLUB 13” – still in reference & reverence for Ray.

from a post I made on this day:
“RAYJOHNSONFANCLUB becomes FANCLUB13. “Today is January Friday the 13th. Exactly 21 years after Ray Johnson dyed himself dead. In his honor I’m watching “How to Draw a Bunny” again, and I am officially changing my nom d’artiste to: FANCLUB13. I will continue to update my sites with the work I have already completed before today as #rayjohnsonfanclub. But henceforth I will work only under the name #FANCLUB13 and you can eventually see all my future work @fanclub.13 or

FC13 sticker # 87
my very first collage using the artist name “FANCLUB 13”

FC13 sticker # 87

this blue, Hello My Name Is sticker was made using trash from the streets on 1/13/17 while sitting at Black Crow Coffee at 722 2nd St N. in Old Northeast St. Pete.

i was still struggling with how to make the imprint and just used a stencil. Was considering making the stickers with the large “PAY NO ATTENTION” but later decided to make the imprints the same for the stickers as they are for the “relationships.”

It was stuckup the same night on the back of a stop sign on 7th Street N. beside the Morean Arts Center.

FANCLUB 13 Relationship CXXII ~ CHERRY ME Diamond
my first relationship collage using the artist name “FANCLUB 13” this collage on a used CD/DVD was made using trash from the streets on 1/13/17 while sitting at Black Crow Coffee at 722 2nd Street N in Old Northeast St. Pete.

It was left on a dumpster the same night, in an alley just north of the building the coffee shop is in on 2nd Street N.

RJFC sticker # 86 stuckup in Decatur

rjfc sticker # 86
this blue, “Hello My Name Is” sticker was made on 12/14/16 while sitting at The Bends, a bar at 919 !st Ave N. in St. Pete, Florida.

This is the last collage sticker when I used the Artist Name “Ray Johnson Fan Club.” On 1/13/17, I changed my name to FANCLUB 13.

rjfc sticker # 86 stuckup in Decatur

It was left outside Atlanta on 1/5/17 on a green dumpster in a small Labeauratoire Sticker Bomb, on Sunstede Drive behind Melton’s App & Tap at 2500 N. Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA.

RJFC sticker # 79 collab w/ Chaos & Bliss

RJFC sticker # 79 was a collaboration with Chaos & Bliss on a USPS Priority Mail “bluetop” label 228 from 2000. It was made on 4/26/16 while sitting at the Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown Atlanta.

It was stuck up the same day in a mini Labeauratoire Sticker Bomb along with GATS, NeverFart, Whups, Artissin, & c0rpse, on an electrical box along Carroll Street beside the Milltown Arms tavern. Also, already on the box were Hosea has a Posse, Maple, Skarz, & more.

RJFC sticker # 74 left in Sainte-Flavie Quebec Canada

RJFC sticker # 74 was completed by me on a Priority Mail Label 228 on 1/20/16 while sitting at Starbucks on 4th Street in St. Petersburg, FL.

It was sent to fellow collage & mail artist RF Côté in Quebec, Canada around 3/31/16 along with sticker # 67, & Relationships CXIV & CXV.
RF Côté added his part of the collaboration (seen above) around 4/17/16 including the Hannah Hoch Fan Club stamps.

my original collage before collaboration

He then put the sticker up about 4/19/16 on a Bicycle Route sign near the intersection of Boulevard Jacques – Cartier & Avenue de la Gare, in Sainte-Flavie, Quebec, Canada.

RJFC sticker # 73

RJFC sticker # 73 was completed using a large, 1999 vintage, blue-top, Priority Mail label 228, on December 29, 2015 while sitting at (what used to be Joffrey’s Coffee shop at the corner of 15th Street & E. 8th Avenue in Ybor City (Tampa), Florida.

This sticker was donated for auction to help artists Ryan Plunkett and Erin Brooks who had a terrible house fire.

“Add On at $80 Labeauratoire Gallery Sticker Pack including 1 – Original handmade collage bluetop sticker by Ray Johnson Fan Club – Collage by L.A.R. PLUS 8 other stickers by GATS, Sara Conti, Sore Infest, BPLA, DintWooerKrsna, CistOnes and Obey Giant.” – We helped raise hundreds of dollars with this auction.