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Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship C ~ “Time to Kill PAINTING”

Ray Johnson Fan Club - Relationship C

The first in series of ten altered book pages, each similar yet different.

For the commemoration of my 100th “Relationship” collage, I made a series of 10 (+1 artist’s proof). These were completed in October 2015 using trash, found items, ink, and stenciled spray paint, all on pages from the book “Time to Kill”, a 1953 Popular Library paperback book by Terry Spain. All are mounted on USPS Priority recycled cardboard.

Each example has a different title beginning with “Time to kill…” and then paired with a clipped word or phrase.

Additionally, one phrase is highlighted in pink on each page, and paired with a clipping phrase. There is a horizontal rectangle in the lower half of each page which is a combination of found losing lottery tickets, and pages from a pocket Bible with the word of God printed in red. Each page also has a “spirograph” drawing in two colors, a small piece from paper money of Guyana,  a vertical stripe clipping of a sexy man from a magazine, and a torn box flap showing the printer’s color process control patches.

RJFC Relationships 100-109

RJFC Relationships 100-109

This piece (Relationship C) was left on 11/22/15 in Key West, Florida. I stuck it on a Key West Citizen Newspaper box beside the (closed) Backspace Bar & Kitchen at the intersection of James St. and Grinnell St.

RJFC Relationship C - Left in Key West

RJFC Relationship C – Left in Key West


RJFC Relationship CX – Artist’s Proof – Page 95 –  “Time to Kill New Significance” (given to Karen Rothstein in Atlanta)




Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship XCI ~ “Naked Officer Attempts to Steal Tender Definition of Victory” was completed 1/26/2015 using trash from the streets, on an old, used paperback romance book (Tender Betrayal by Lauren Wilde.) It was made while sitting at a Starbucks in Clearwater and it was sent 1/26/15 (with sticker # 56) to a friend, artist and musician Darren Riley in Bolton, UK.


Relationship LIII – “Why not Face it? TERROR glamorises reports:” (14×17.5cm) is my 53rd collage. Completed on 10/25/2012 using trash and found objects on an old comic book cover: Terror No.83 – “De Sadist van de Provence” (see photo below)
This piece is currently available.

Terror # (Collage LIII)

Relationship XXXIV by LANCEPHOTO
Relationship XXXIV, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

Made with trash & trashy paperback.

Made for and exposed at the exhibition “GREEN ART: Think Art & Ecology” at l’Auberge de Jeunesse de Mons, Belgium on 3/23/2012.

Relationship XXXIII, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

Trash & trashy paperback.

Made for and exposed at the exhibition “GREEN ART: Think Art & Ecology” at l’Auberge de Jeunesse de Mons, Belgium on 3/23/2012.

Via Flickr:

Relationship XXVII – “Life is a Lethal Contest”

Hand cut & paste collage on “None but the Lethal Heart – A Mike Shayne Mystery” by Brett Halliday It was completed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This was mailed (along with #XXV) to an online acquaintance, Robert Warner in New York in June of 2011.

see the original paperback book cover:
None But the Lethal Heart (XXVII)

This piece was completed while in Atlanta, Georgia and then mailed to Gregory Travis in Brookville, New York on 7/8/2011


I use old, cheesy record covers and trashy paperback book covers as a starting point for my hand-cut and paste collages. I then use only objects found on the ground, in the trash, junk mail or recycling bin. Sometimes incorporating my own Polaroid photographs. Then I leave them out in public as street art for everyone to enjoy (or destroy.) I have also started mailing small pieces out to some people.