Relationship LIX "3 of Hearts"
Relationship LIX “3 of Hearts”

Relationship LIX (#59) – “3 of Hearts”
Collage with found objects. 5×7 inches (approx.13×18 cm)

This is the first in a series of 53 different works based on a vintage, oversized set of nudie playing cards.

The front side of this collage was completed on 12/14/2012. It took me about a month of on-and-off work to finish it. The background “diamond cube” pattern is made of gold foil from discarded chocolate wrappers, a 50 banknote from Congo, and text from a 50’s French mystery serial. The “Sealed for Freshness” bar over her eyes is from a jar of peanuts, the colored dots bar covering her breasts is a printer’s color-check from a discarded bag of pretzels. The B&W label at top right is from a wine bottle seal found on the ground. The “TSA” phrase is from a notice left in my luggage after an airport search. The newsprint text is all from a Tampa Bay Times article on Obama as a wartime president by Molly Moorhead. The VIP & THREE texts are from a junk mail flyer. The Order Form graphic is from an ad for penis enhancement ad in the back of a gun magazine. The LOVE text is from a small packet of granola. The silver halo rays are from a gum wrapper found on the ground.
The back of this piece is still in progress.

Relationship LIX (reflections)
Relationship LIX (reflections)

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