Relationship LXXXII ~ Experimenting with wood block

Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXXXII ~ “Flexible COMFORT Cola zero”


This 82nd “Relationship” collage was completed 5/15/2014 in my home studio (Mons, Belgium). This is my first piece made experimenting with “wood block” printing of lines and shapes. For quite a while now I’ve been toying around with the idea of making several series of collages on the pages of old books or comic books. This one is from “page 207” of some random Flemish sexploitation/horror comic. The large green numbers are a continuation of my work with wooden printers blocks.

I really think this is part of the necessary transitional stage toward a good direction for my collage work. I need to find a better method for using the wood to print lines and shapes. The colored paints stick to the paper making it difficult to pull away. For my “blocks” I’m just really using random wooden things from around the house, like the side of a fruit crate for the black lines, a chopstick for the thin yellow lines, and the back of a number block for the 4 red rectangles.

This piece is currently available.

Relationship LIX – “3 of Hearts”

Relationship LIX "3 of Hearts"
Relationship LIX “3 of Hearts”

Relationship LIX (#59) – “3 of Hearts”
Collage with found objects. 5×7 inches (approx.13×18 cm)

This is the first in a series of 53 different works based on a vintage, oversized set of nudie playing cards.

The front side of this collage was completed on 12/14/2012. It took me about a month of on-and-off work to finish it. The background “diamond cube” pattern is made of gold foil from discarded chocolate wrappers, a 50 banknote from Congo, and text from a 50’s French mystery serial. The “Sealed for Freshness” bar over her eyes is from a jar of peanuts, the colored dots bar covering her breasts is a printer’s color-check from a discarded bag of pretzels. The B&W label at top right is from a wine bottle seal found on the ground. The “TSA” phrase is from a notice left in my luggage after an airport search. The newsprint text is all from a Tampa Bay Times article on Obama as a wartime president by Molly Moorhead. The VIP & THREE texts are from a junk mail flyer. The Order Form graphic is from an ad for penis enhancement ad in the back of a gun magazine. The LOVE text is from a small packet of granola. The silver halo rays are from a gum wrapper found on the ground.
The back of this piece is still in progress.

Relationship LIX (reflections)
Relationship LIX (reflections)

LC No.154

LC No.154, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

LC No.154 – This was a blank shot from a pack malfunction so I made a collage on it using trash and found objects. – See more of my Polaroids at
this piece is currently available

CAMERA: Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 – c.1964
FILM: Fuji FP3000 BSS (expired 8/2011)
DATE SHOT: 9/22/11
SCANNER:HP Scanjet G4050

Relationship LIII “Why not Face it? TERROR glamorises reports:”

Relationship LIII – “Why not Face it? TERROR glamorises reports:” (14×17.5cm) is my 53rd collage. Completed on 10/25/2012 using trash and found objects on an old comic book cover: Terror No.83 – “De Sadist van de Provence” (see photo below)
This piece is currently available.

Terror # (Collage LIII)

X No.23

X No.23, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

X No.23 – This was another “lava effect” shot from a pack of film that was found in a Sun 660 camera I bought in Atlanta. The film had likely been in the camera for decades but I wasn’t going to waste the 5 shots left in the pack. I collaged this one using trash & found objects.
This piece is currently available.

See more of my Polaroid work at:

CAMERA: Polaroid Sun 660 (not this one but same model)
FILM: Polaroid 600 (very expired)
DATE SHOT:7/14/2011
SCANNER:HP Scanjet G4050

Collage Relationship LI – “Gentlemen Still Prefer to Rock It This Way”

Collage Relationship LI by LANCEPHOTO
Collage Relationship LI, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

My 51st collage: Relationship LI – “Gentlemen Still Prefer to Rock it This Way” was made using the magazine cover from the May 14, 1955 issue of “Picturegoer” by with Jill Adams on it. It was completed on October 1, 2012 at home in Mons, Belgium. It measures approximately 12×9 inches and is backed on recycled cardboard.
This piece is currently available.

see the original magazine cover:
Picturegoer Jill Adams

the halo rays are made from gum, candy & cigarette wrappers found on the street. See how they reflect the light at the right angle:
Reflection angle of Relationship LI