Relationship LX - "YES SIR I CAN compromise MY insatiable spirit"

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My 60th collage: Relationship LX – “YES SIR I CAN compromise MY insatiable spirit” was completed and posted on December 28, 2012 in Barcelona Spain. It was made using the double album cover from the record “Yes Sir I Can Boogie.”
Yes Sir I Can Boogie (Collage LX)

This hand cut-and-paste collage took about 9 hours to complete. It was made using only trash found on the streets of Barcelona. Some of the notable items of trash include; halo rays from gum wrappers, black cat russian candy wrapper, empty pill packet, phone case receipt, automobile impound notice, scene from Call of Duty ad, Chupa Chup lollypop holder, part of a WINston cigarette pack and tax stamp, 100% natural ingredient badge from packet of crisps, ticket stub from Sagrada Familia, & clipping from Ikea flyer, clipping from a KFC packet, map showing the grounds of the Montserrat Abbey, dot-matrix computer paper edge, part of an “ONCE” charity lottery card, clippings from a Justin Bieber concert flyer, part of a Desigual 5€ coupon, background of a the Spanish stock market report, etc, etc,…

I left this on 12/28/12, posted on the glass encasement in the center of the skatepark in front of MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) for anyone to enjoy (or destroy…)

Relationship LX (left in Barcelona)

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