Ray Johnson Fan Club Stickers #28 & 28 were both completed 5/3/2013 using trash found on the streets of London. I made them while sitting at Starbucks in Victoria Station.

RJFC sticker #28

RJFC Sticker #28

I posted #28 the same day on a bus shelter advertisement in London, England, along Buckingham Palace Road between Victoria Station and Victoria Coach Station.

RJFC sticker #28 (left in London)


RJFC sticker #29

RJFC Sticker #29

RJFC Sticker #29 was also left the same day the same day on a No Public Urinating sign just outside Victoria Coach Station in London, England.

RJFC sticker #29 (left in London)

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I use only trash and found items to collage these handmade, signed & numbered stickers. They are made to compliment my larger works which in which I use trashy paperback book covers, record & magazine covers, CDs, posters, postcards and other mass-produced media as a base for my hand-cut & paste collages, which I usually leave out on the streets for anyone to enjoy (or destroy.)

See all my stickers here!


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