Ray Johnson Fan Club hits Florida over Christmas 2013…

Ray Johnson Fan Club – Relationship LXXII ~ “Smoky Moutarde.”

This visit to the states wasn’t very productive artwise, but I did get to spend some quality time with family.
Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXXII “Smoky Moutarde” was completed 12/2013 using trash found on the streets. I made it on a CDR that was messed up in my CD writer.
This collage was left 12/27/2013 in the men’s room at the Lucky Dill Deli (awesome sandwiches!) in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. The interior of the bathroom had been painted in a graffiti style so it seemed like a good place to leave some actual street art, (see below.)

RJFC Relationship LXXII – Left in Palm Harbor, Florida


RJFC sticker #42

RJFC Sticker #42 was completed 12/20/13 using trash found on the streets of Satellite Beach, Florida, USA.

I left it in there the next day,12/21/13 on a stop sign in the parking lot of Pelican Park Beach. See below.

RJFC sticker #42 ~ Left in Satellite Beach Florida

RJFC signing off from The States. Next target: Madrid!

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