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RJFC Sticker # 59 was completed in Clearwater, Florida

around 11/3/15, using found trash on a CD label.


RJFC Sticker # 59

It was left on 11/22/15, on the outside of a purple magazine distribution box for Key West Maps & Coupons, just beside the famous Schooner Western Union, in the Key West Bight Marina at the end of William Street.


RJFC Sticker # 59 – left in Key West.


Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship C ~ “Time to Kill PAINTING”

Ray Johnson Fan Club - Relationship C

The first in series of ten altered book pages, each similar yet different.

For the commemoration of my 100th “Relationship” collage, I made a series of 10 (+1 artist’s proof). These were completed in October 2015 using trash, found items, ink, and stenciled spray paint, all on pages from the book “Time to Kill”, a 1953 Popular Library paperback book by Terry Spain. All are mounted on USPS Priority recycled cardboard.

Each example has a different title beginning with “Time to kill…” and then paired with a clipped word or phrase.

Additionally, one phrase is highlighted in pink on each page, and paired with a clipping phrase. There is a horizontal rectangle in the lower half of each page which is a combination of found losing lottery tickets, and pages from a pocket Bible with the word of God printed in red. Each page also has a “spirograph” drawing in two colors, a small piece from paper money of Guyana,  a vertical stripe clipping of a sexy man from a magazine, and a torn box flap showing the printer’s color process control patches.

RJFC Relationships 100-109

RJFC Relationships 100-109

This piece (Relationship C) was left on 11/22/15 in Key West, Florida. I stuck it on a Key West Citizen Newspaper box beside the (closed) Backspace Bar & Kitchen at the intersection of James St. and Grinnell St.

RJFC Relationship C - Left in Key West

RJFC Relationship C – Left in Key West


RJFC Relationship CX – Artist’s Proof – Page 95 –  “Time to Kill New Significance” (given to Karen Rothstein in Atlanta)


Ray Johnson Fan Club hits Florida over Christmas 2013…

Ray Johnson Fan Club – Relationship LXXII ~ “Smoky Moutarde.”

This visit to the states wasn’t very productive artwise, but I did get to spend some quality time with family.
Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship LXXII “Smoky Moutarde” was completed 12/2013 using trash found on the streets. I made it on a CDR that was messed up in my CD writer.
This collage was left 12/27/2013 in the men’s room at the Lucky Dill Deli (awesome sandwiches!) in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. The interior of the bathroom had been painted in a graffiti style so it seemed like a good place to leave some actual street art, (see below.)

RJFC Relationship LXXII – Left in Palm Harbor, Florida



RJFC sticker #42

RJFC Sticker #42 was completed 12/20/13 using trash found on the streets of Satellite Beach, Florida, USA.

I left it in there the next day,12/21/13 on a stop sign in the parking lot of Pelican Park Beach. See below.

RJFC sticker #42 ~ Left in Satellite Beach Florida

RJFC signing off from The States. Next target: Madrid!

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RJFC Sticker #37 was completed on 7/12/2013 using trash found on the streets. 

RJFC sticker #37

It was made while sitting at “Le temps d’un café” in Mons, Belgium and later mailed off to a fan in New York.

UPDATE: This sticker #37, was sent to a fan in New York who posted it up 8/8/13 on the streets of SoHo NYC at the intersection of Crosby and Jersey Streets.

RJFC sticker #37 Left in New York!

The first time RJFC hits New York!


picturecrossing No.540 (SX No.453) Another virtually blank shot. It was very hard to keep these pictures covered in the freezing wind so I got several blank or obscured shots. You could barely make out some lines and people walking in the back of this picture shot at the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin, so I drew on it and collaged with trash and found objects.

CAMERA: Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE – c.1978
FILM: Impossible Project PX600 Silver Shade (box #430 11052010)
This pack had an odd “#32” printed on the back as if they were actually using old Polaroid backing materials.
DATE SHOT:12/30/2010

LEFT:PX No.540 was left in Savannah, Georgia, USA on 11/13/2012 at the Greyhound Bus station near West Youmans Street, (which seemed to be under renovation) just below a red fire alarm. (see photo below) I left it there while transferring busses on my 8-hour ride from Jacksonville to Atlanta.

see where it was left in Savannah, Georgia:
PX No.540 (left in Savannah)

See more of my Picturecrossings at:


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My 58th collage: Relationship LVIII – “Don’t Lie About Your Sloppy Price Fashion Cult Object” was completed and posted on November 23, 2012 in Hudson Beach, Florida, USA. It was made using the album cover from the record “Hulla Baloo!”
This hand cut-and-paste collage took about 8 hours to complete. Some of the notable items of trash include; part of a vintage Brussels hotel receipt, halo rays from a chocolate wrapper, printer’s color marks from a frozen food pack, clippings from an old edition of The Pasco Times, a baggage claim ticket stub, a Monster beverage sticker found stuck to the bottom of my sister’s shoe, crossword solutions from during the Republican National Convention, part of a Sloppy Joe’s Key West cardboard coaster, part of the wrapper from some Key Lime Coconut Patties, etc, etc,…

I left this on the wooden railing of the second story gazebo at Hudson Beach, Florida overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. (see photo below)

Relationship LVIII  (Left in Hudson Beach, Florida)

see the original record album cover:
Hulla Balloo! - (Collage #LVIII)

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My 57th collage: Relationship LVII – “Forget Saving the World. Defend Yourself from Charity for the Poor.” was completed and posted on November 19, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It was made using the album cover from the musical “Sweet Charity” (1966)
This hand cut-and-paste collage took about 8 hours to complete. Some of the notable items of trash include; part of a Covent Garden Tea Shop bag, Royal Mail postmark sticker, a “high five” ruler found on the ground at the Atlanta Zoo, halo rays from a chocolate wrapper, Fresh Taste seal from orange juice, cigarette promo codes, erectile disfunction ad, printer’s color marks from a paper towel pack, auto repair tag, microwave veggie notice, receipt from my Sam Flax art supplies, grey/silver tear-tab found in the parking lot at North Dekalb Mall, Chinese & tiger from Kung Fu Panda-themed glue stick package. etc, etc,…

I left this on a brick wall in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia next to “Profiling Solutions” at 174 Carroll Street S.E. (see photo below)

Relationship LVII (Left in Cabbagetown, Atlanta)

see the original album cover:
Sweet Charity - (Collage #LVII)