After spending more than five years in Mons, Belgium, and discovering my love for collage and street art there, I’ve moved back to my native Florida. But before leaving, I took some time to post a few pieces of artwork in my beloved temporary home.


First up is a collaged Polaroid picture from my Picturecrossing series.

picturecrossing No.608
A virtually blank shot (of a wall near Santa Croce in Florence, Italy) , so I collaged it with trash and found objects.

CAMERA: 1st Edition White Freitag Model 2 SX-70
FILM: Impossible Project PX100 Silver Shade (5/2010)
DATE SHOT: 12/31/11

LEFT: PX No.608 was left in Mons, Belgium on 11/6/14 on the back of a street sign at the Rue d’ Havré entrance of the Grand Place. This is right near the wonderful Café “Le Pain Quotidien” which you can see near the top right. We spent countless hours (and Euros) there with friends and great food. You can even see part of one of my last receipts from there in this collage where it says: “Thank You Goodbye.”

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Next up is one from my sticker series.

RJFC Sticker # 53 was completed on 11/5/14 using found trash on a rectangular label. Like all three collages in this listing, it was done while sitting in our hotel room at the Ibis Hotel near the train station in Mons, Belgium. We stayed there for about a week after we moved out of our house on Rue de la Tour Auberon and waited for our flight back to America.

It was left the next day, 11/6/14 on a boarded-up building at 9 Rue de la Clef in Mons, Belgium. This building, with the supposed head of Saint John over the doorway, had been boarded up when we arrived in 2009 and was still the same when we left in 2014. It was always a place where street art and posters would stay up for a while.

The last item is Relationship LXXXVI ~ “Disposable Silencers”

This, my 87th “relationship” collage, was completed 11/5/2014 using trash from the streets, on a used DVD.

It was left the next day, 11/6/14 on the window of an old bookshop on Rue de la Houssière near the train station in Mons, Belgium. This building had also been closed the entire time we lived in Mons and often had some good art posted there.

So, that’s my farewell to Mons. Thanks for all the memories. Hope to see you again sometime.

~ Adieu.

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