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Relationship CXVIII – (MOLDOVA Double Stuff)

A DVD collaged with found trash and stenciled with deStijl lines in red & yellow. Started while sitting at Starbucks Park Place in Pinellas Park, Florida on 1/23/16 & completed (the spray paint at home) on 4/19/2016.

Sent (along with CXII) to
Brooklyn for exhibition:
“Works of Art” at Bushwick Spray Paint Shop on 4/30/16
1009 Broadway, Bell 203, Brooklyn, NY
Then left on the streets of Brooklyn after the show.



This was completed on 1/20/16 on a used DVD while sitting at Starbucks on 4th Street in St. Petersburg, FL.
(double sided)

It was sent to fellow collage & mail artist RF Côté in Quebec, Canada around 2/10/16. (the mailing label is actually a Dunkin Donuts “sell by” sticker. I swiped a long strip of them off the counter one day while buying donuts.)
This was the first time I tried to send one of my DVD collages through the mail with just a stamp on it. When I first took it to the post office they wanted to charge me like $14 to send it in an envelope because it was “non bendable”. So I just bought the stamps that it would cost for the weight of a letter and dropped it in a mailbox. It got there just fine! Need to do more of these.


Completed ON 1/17/16 while sitting at Starbucks in International Plaza in Tampa, Florida. It is made by collaging found trash on a used DVDR.

Sent to & published in the Zine “Be A Pal” Issue 1
(along with sticker # 65)
published by Jude & Val Lobasso

(and I got issue #13!)

Relationships CXIV & CXV were completed on January 13, 2016 while sitting at Starbucks Park Place in Pinellas Park, Florida.

For this piece, I used an old used DVD+R (i think I found this one on the ground?) and I separated the top plastic layer from the bottom magnetic layer. This was to be a collaboration with RF Côté in Canada, so I sent him both halves to finish off and he sent one back to me. The center face part of this collage, was from a Pinellas County Sheriff’s office Wanted Flyer of a wanted criminal. The rest, I just tried to mirror in compositional elements.

This (below) shows the CXV half with RF Côté’s collaboration which I received back from him in April of 2016.

I left it in a little, transparent informational flyer box, just outside the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida SouthWestern State College in Fort Myers, Florida on 5/9/16.

I don’t think I ever saw how the other half came out.

Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship C ~ “Time to Kill PAINTING”

Ray Johnson Fan Club - Relationship C

The first in series of ten altered book pages, each similar yet different.

For the commemoration of my 100th “Relationship” collage, I made a series of 10 (+1 artist’s proof). These were completed in October 2015 using trash, found items, ink, and stenciled spray paint, all on pages from the book “Time to Kill”, a 1953 Popular Library paperback book by Terry Spain. All are mounted on USPS Priority recycled cardboard.

Each example has a different title beginning with “Time to kill…” and then paired with a clipped word or phrase.

Additionally, one phrase is highlighted in pink on each page, and paired with a clipping phrase. There is a horizontal rectangle in the lower half of each page which is a combination of found losing lottery tickets, and pages from a pocket Bible with the word of God printed in red. Each page also has a “spirograph” drawing in two colors, a small piece from paper money of Guyana,  a vertical stripe clipping of a sexy man from a magazine, and a torn box flap showing the printer’s color process control patches.

RJFC Relationships 100-109

RJFC Relationships 100-109

This piece (Relationship C) was left on 11/22/15 in Key West, Florida. I stuck it on a Key West Citizen Newspaper box beside the (closed) Backspace Bar & Kitchen at the intersection of James St. and Grinnell St.

RJFC Relationship C - Left in Key West

RJFC Relationship C – Left in Key West


RJFC Relationship CX – Artist’s Proof – Page 95 –  “Time to Kill New Significance” (given to Karen Rothstein in Atlanta)


Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationships XCIII-XCVI “The Breakers” mail art postcards these were completed 2/20/2015 using trash from the streets, on free advertising postcards. (aproximately 4×6 inches each)

Relationship XCIII “Peace Breaker” was mailed to, and displayed in the Twitter Art Exhibit in Moss, Norway (3/2015)
Benefiting Home-Start.
The others will be mailed to friends.



Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship XCII ~ “I feel like our revolution was Photoshopped FOR THE EYE” was completed 2/18/2015 using trash from the streets, on an old, used DVD. It was made while sitting at a Starbucks in Clearwater.

It was left on 4/18/15 on a green water fountain in Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg, Florida during the MainSail Art Festival. (see above)