Relationship CXXIII ~ Dangerous Goods Support Team in Stratford UK.

FANCLUB 13 relationship CXXIII : Dangerous Goods Support Team 

Completed on 3/3/17 while sitting at the Starbucks on Belcher at SR60 in Clearwater, FL.
Using trash collaged on a real photo post card I’d made in the Morean Darkroom of a picture I shot in Miami during Art Week in 12/2016.

This piece was sent as Mail Art to be put on display for the Twitter Art Exhibit #twitrartexhibit #TAE17 to benefit Molly Olly’s Wishes (raised more than $20,000) at the Arts House, 14 Rother Street in Stratford Upon Avon, UK. The exhibit opened on 4/1/17 and ran through 4/19/17.

The Breakers

Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationships XCIII-XCVI “The Breakers” mail art postcards these were completed 2/20/2015 using trash from the streets, on free advertising postcards. (aproximately 4×6 inches each)

Relationship XCIII “Peace Breaker” was mailed to, and displayed in the Twitter Art Exhibit in Moss, Norway (3/2015)
Benefiting Home-Start.
The others will be mailed to friends.