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<b>Ray Johnson Fan Club Relationship XCIX ~ “Things go your way WHEN YOU have THE POWER TO CLOUD MEN’S MINDS”</b> was completed 10/2015 using only trash from the streets, on the 45 record cover “Knock on Wood / When you are beautiful” by Amii Stewart.


It was left 10/9/15 on the door of a vacant building at the intersection of N. Jefferson Street and E. Plymouth Street in Tampa, Florida. (below)



Relationship LIV - "EXPOSE The One CHEESE FLAVORED Legend"

My 54TH collage: Relationship LIV – “EXPOSE The One CHEESE FLAVORED Legend” was made using a 45 record cover by “Exposé” called “Point of no return.” I completed it on November 2, 2012 while on day trip to Antwerp to review the Wegee photography retrospective at the FotoMuseum Antwerp. (you can see a Polaroid negative I shot at the exhibition, in this collage.) This one took about 4 hours of solid work and was made while sitting at the Starbucks in the Antwerp Central Station. I finished it just in time to post it up and catch the last train back home to Mons, a 2 hour journey.
I left this collage the same day on a bricked wall across from the Antwerp Central Station along Pelikaanstraat. (see below)

see where I left it in Antwerp:
Relationship LIV (left in Antwerp)

Here’s the original 45 record cover:
Exposé / Point of No Return 45 - (Collage LIV)

PX No.582 FOUND in Rotterdam

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PX No.582, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

picturecrossing No.582 (EE No.62) This was originally a blank shot from a misfiring shutter while shooting in DePanne, Belgium, but I used my collage of trash to transform it before leaving it in Rotterdam.
CAMERA: Polaroid EE 100 (c.1980)
FILM: Polaroid / Impossible Chocolate 100 (expired 10/2009)
DATE SHOT: 8/21/2011

LEFT:PX No.582 was left in Rotterdam, Nederland on 10/8/2012 on a green mailbox? near the main intersection of Aalbrechtkolk and Schiedamseweg in Delfshaven. (see photo below)
PX No.582 (left in Rotterdam)

FOUND!:PX No.582 was found by Barbara W. on 10/17/2012
“I found one of your artworks. 😀
Number 582. I found it when I was going out for dinner with my parents and friend. I like it. They don’t understand it, why would I take it. It was found on a green “thing” on the corner of the aalbrechtkolk and schiedamseweg. 17 October was it found in the evening. Greets, Barbara”



The making of Relationship LII

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See 10 hours of work compressed into a 3 minute YouTube video:

See the original artwork here:

Relationship LII "Tasty Transparency is the Newest Partystyle"

(you can click the image to vew the Flickr page which has translations of the text and more detailed info about the items in the collage.)

My 52nd collage: Relationship LII – “Tasty Transparency is the Newest Partystyle” was made using an album cover from the record “De 16 Nieuwste Feesthits – Nederlands Gezongen.” I completed it on October 8, 2012 while on a short trip to Rotterdam, Nederland. This one took a total of about 10 hours work.
I left this collage the same day on a temporary, wooden wall shielding a construction site along Schiedamsedijk across from the Leuvehaven tram stop.

See where it was left:

see 10 hours of my work compressed into a 3 minute YouTube video:

PX No.494

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PX No.494, a photo by LANCEPHOTO on Flickr.

picturecrossing No.494 (CP No.314) This was originally a blank shot from a misfiring shutter but I used my collage of trash to transform it before leaving it in Köln.
See more of my Picturecrossing work at:


CAMERA: Polaroid ColorPack II – c.1970
FILM: Polaroid 125i (expired)

LEFT:PX No.494 was left in Köln on 9/2/2012 on a wall of a vacant building in the Heumarkt Passage across from the Hard Rock Café.

see where it was left in Köln:
PX No.494 (left in Köln)

FOUND!:PX No.494 was found by fellow street artist ZXQL on 9/23/2012.
“Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 2:02 PM – Subject: Found in Köln #494
Hi Lance, I like your project. Found one in Köln (Cologne), Germany, when I was busy myself. If I had know I could take it, I would have (things like this are the best souvenirs).”
– zxql
PX No.494 (found in Köln)

Postcard Series #1 (2nd set)

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Ray Johnson Fan Club – L.A.R. – Postcard Series 1 (second 4 examples)
Relationships #46 #47 #48 & #49
An edition of 8 similar, yet different postcards.
All based on a Naf Naf Paris postcard from the free postcard rack at my local McDonalds.
Though it is a “series,” each of the 8 examples is a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork made by hand, stamped, numbered and signed.

here are the first four in the series:
1st 4 examples from Postcard Series 1