Relationship LIV - "EXPOSE The One CHEESE FLAVORED Legend"

My 54TH collage: Relationship LIV – “EXPOSE The One CHEESE FLAVORED Legend” was made using a 45 record cover by “Exposé” called “Point of no return.” I completed it on November 2, 2012 while on day trip to Antwerp to review the Wegee photography retrospective at the FotoMuseum Antwerp. (you can see a Polaroid negative I shot at the exhibition, in this collage.) This one took about 4 hours of solid work and was made while sitting at the Starbucks in the Antwerp Central Station. I finished it just in time to post it up and catch the last train back home to Mons, a 2 hour journey.
I left this collage the same day on a bricked wall across from the Antwerp Central Station along Pelikaanstraat. (see below)

see where I left it in Antwerp:
Relationship LIV (left in Antwerp)

Here’s the original 45 record cover:
Exposé / Point of No Return 45 - (Collage LIV)

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