Relationship LV - "Supersize my SUMMER McCHICKEN mystery tour."

Relationship LV – “Supersize my SUMMER McCHICKEN mystery tour.” was completed and posted on November 13, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. It was made using the album cover from a record called simply “Summer Hits”.


This hand cut-and-paste collage took about 6 hours to complete. Some of the notable items of trash include; a hand-written note to the poet Charles Baudelaire which I found on the ground beside his grave at the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris, a vintage receipt from a Brussels Hotel, the printer’s color marks and top corner from an O’Doul’s six-pack box, an altered phrase from my Delta motion sickness bag, halo rays from a gum wrapper, part of a hotel key card from the Air Force Inn, part of a McDonalds McChicken wrapper, etc, etc…
I left this on a wall in Jacksonville, Florida the same day next to a nice mural on Lomax Street in Five Points.

Relatonship LV (FOUND in Jacksonville)

And it was actually found the same day by Susan G. who wrote:
“So, I get home from work and Sam says “Lance Rothstein is here” I look around the house…but no, not here but he IS in Jacksonville. So I look at the photo’s he’s posting on Facebook and Sam says “That’s Park Street and look at that collage” I’m yeah, that’s Park Street Sam! Sam, tralalala, “Sam that’s Park Street and a new collage” “oH My!” we run to the car and tear across the Acosta Bridge and race to Park Street. And there’s a Lance Rothstein on a wall underneath the new style Bob Slack graffitti. WE NOW OWN A LANCE ROTHSTEIN ORIGINAL!!”
(she posted this photo on Facebook)


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